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Who are we? Why we do this?

As a customer, what’s the last thing you experienced that was actually new? Was it new or just different, perhaps repackaged?

Did the experience end there or did it live on? Did you ask: OK, now what? Today, customers interact either online or offline; rarely do these interactions effectively meet. These disparate, point-in-time interactions have a short life expectancy and often leave your customers with a perception of utility as opposed to an experience. Changing perception is not easy with all the noise in today’s media; you need “effective innovation” to get the customer’s attention.

How do we do it? We deploy a cross-functional team of strategy, experience design and technology skills to see a project through from concept to implementation. We are leaders in digital ecosystem thinking and understand its benefits, risks and pitfalls. We bring innovative ideas to the table and an approach that includes close collaboration with our clients to ensure our solutions are grounded in the realties of the business.

Founded in 2011, Unado Technology is a cross-functional team composed of strategists, artists, experience designers, and technologists.












What is it all about?
Customizable, powerful and easy to use augmented reality 3D fitting system. The technology allows shoppers to virtually preview and try Items on, without trying on physically.

  • That garment is too tight

  • That garment is too short

  • That garment is too loose

  • That garment is too Long

  • Your Virtual shop assistant





My GolfGuru!
is easy-to-use, intuitive and interactive golf swing analysis software enabing and engaging self learning & training golf experiences..

  • Automatic swing capture

  • Explanations videos and drills

  • Instantaneous swing replay

  • Intuitive & interactive interface

  • Real Time Analysis


DEMO - Differently



Augmented Events
Events, exhibitions and digital signage Augmented reality - Where the physical & digital worlds meet. Should it be design, Production Manufacturing... ETC.

  • Maps of Stands

  • Product Shows

  • Product testing

  • Delegates

  • Virtual Tours





Controller-free gaming!
Entertainment experience for the Xbox 360. Your body is the controller – joysticks and buttons are replaced with the users’ movements & gestures..

  • Virtual Labs, & real experiments

  • Play as you would real life

  • Virtual tours in to history

  • Amazing Gaming experience

  • The experience is endless!



Augmented Reality:   The purpose of augmented reality - complement, enrich and expand our knowledge about the world, due to the inclusion in the real environment of virtual items.

How does augmented reality work?:   The technology is computer vision, ie the system's ability to recognize by the camera image or environmental objects. Web cameras or mobile phones to send video signal processing computer, and after the signal processing program complements its virtual objects. Among the latter may be 3D models, video, audio, text.

How can complement reality?:   There are many ways to use technology in real life. The unique capabilities of technology, coupled with a stunning idea - the success of the use of augmented reality.

Augmented reality to promote a product Augmented reality makes advertising more interesting and effective, skillfully engaging the buyer in easy communication with the brand. Product packaging, color flyer, magazine cover, presentation to the Web camera, converted into three-dimensional wall, car or an entire city, which can be controlled using the keyboard or moving the image. Augmented reality can be integrated in the company's Web site, and the existing social networks as an application. The user is required to connect to the internet, webcam and video.




See, Try & Buy:   In today’s social medium, convenience and speed are everything. Let your customers virtually try-on your products with the EON Interactive Mirror- a fun, new, and innovative solution that will help you keep up in the age of social media..

Enhanced Support:   Display your products in interactive 3D with our visual configurators. Our high-end 3D authoring tools let you import of up to 100 different 3D and CAD formats and can be integrated with various external applications for enhanced customer support.

In-Store Solutions:   Create a dynamic new way to showcase your products and market your events. Our Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions can be completely customized to enhance your customer’s in-store shopping experience.








INNOVATION IN RETAIL:   Unado's team of motion control experts provides tailored motion control solutions to meet your needs.User interfaces for gesture-based digital signage Unado has created the software for several Kinect-based interactive kiosks and conference displays, built out of our standard user interface components and some application-specific interaction types. Contact us at info@unado.co.ke for pricing information.

a) Gesture-controlled websites:   Stay on the forefront of web technology by learning to enable your website or web application to be controlled through gestures. Contact us at info@unado.co.ke for a custom-made user interface for your website.

b) Virtual fitting room:   Welcome to Fitnect, a full customizable, powerful and easy to use augmented reality 3D fitting room system. Our innovative technology allows shoppers to virtually try on various clothes and accessories, giving the chance to preview products without trying them on physically.




Augmented Reality to create interactive training programs Every teacher dreams of that learning process is easy and interesting. Interactive training program, telling about the battle of World War II, textbooks, supplemented by three-dimensional images of molecules and atoms - all this technology capabilities. Augmented reality is able to make complex things simple and intuitive.

Why haven’t most classrooms evolved to reflect the changes that have occurred in all other areas of industry over the past 200 years? Why don’t classrooms consistently foster the timeless principles of learning that we know to be true – principles governing successful collaboration, communities, and relevant learning?

On the outside looking in, it seems so easy. However, any teacher or administrator will testify that’s one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. Why are there two dichotomies? Simply stated, there’s a lot to consider. Evaluating the countless parameters influencing “modern day” classroom structure (standardized assessments, legislation, equity, finances, bureaucracy, learning fit within a scheduled time, etc.) helps to empathize with why educators’ innovative ideas don’t always nicely fit within the parameters of public education.

Integrating educational Kinect applications represents a blended classroom model, where we can explore innovative learning opportunities within the controlled setting demanded by the structure of public education.

Edutainment Solutions for a New Generation

Immerse Yourself:   With interactive 3D holographic images you are in ultimate control. Not only can you can see, hear, and touch objects floating in space, but you can also interact with your bare hands. The ride is new and fresh every time.

Scalable Solutions:   The Experience and Discovery Center infrastructure costs and space requirements are scalable and can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure thus benefiting from these existing visitors.

Family Focus:   Our edutainment experiences are designed for people of all ages and genders, thus tapping in the spending power of the entire family. Play with elephants, swim with dolphins, and get chased by sharks. Anything is possible with virtual discovery environments.




In 2010, Microsoft released Kinect – a controller-free gaming and entertainment experience for the Xbox 360. Your body is the controller – joysticks and buttons are replaced with the users’ movements and gestures. It turns out Kinect has many uses beyond games and entertainment. Razorfish’s Emerging Experiences team created KinectShop to demonstrate the use of the Kinect platform in as a retail or at-home augmented reality shopping experience.

KinectShop allows shoppers to cycle through an assortment of products, in this case purses, and visualize the products as part of their outfit, thereby better informing the purchase decision. The natural interaction offered by the Kinect platform allows the shoppers to quickly develop a 1-to-1 connection with the product through the use of augmented reality. In augmented reality, shelf space is infinite, so while this concept experience is limited to purses it could host entire catalogs of products, such as clothing, hats, sunglasses, shoes, jewelry, makeup and more.

As an in-store experience, the retailer can bring catalog and online inventory into the store without actually having the inventory on hand. Further, it allows a shopper to still try on inventory not available in the store or out of stock, capturing a sale that might otherwise be lost. Ultimately, the shopper can decide that they like the product and add it to their shopping cart or wishlist.

Because the experience is virtual, it presents possibilities to become portable and even transcend beyond the store. With an experience like KinectShop, a shopper can easily scan a QR code or swipe their NFC smartphone to take their experience with them and use wayfinding tools to locate the product in-store. Additionally, shoppers could later retrieve their wishlist at home using the company’s web site, tablet, mobile experience or even an Xbox or PC version of the experience in their living room.

Shopping is inherently a social activity and the experience could not only support multiple users simultaneously but it also has the natural ability to leverage social tools. For instance, pictures taken with the virtual products can be shared through Facebook and Twitter to help solicit feedback from friends.

We plan on leveraging the Kinect platform to enhancing the experience further in future versions. For example, user recognition could help record and save preferences intuitively to your profile. Microphones can be used to employ voice commands – for example, saying “I love it” automatically adds the item to the wishlist. The experience will one day even offer recommendations of coordinating items based on the colors in the clothes that shoppers are wearing.

As you can see devices like Kinect clearly have uses beyond the gaming console. We are just scratching the surface on the types of experiences this technology will enable in the future.






Events, exhibitions and digital signage Augmented reality on events, exhibitions Another attractive aspect of augmented reality, whose market potential is amazing.

Attract the maximum number of people to your stand, surprise your guests at the awards ceremony, to create excitement around your product in the store or let dinosaurs stately walk through the halls of your museum - all augmented reality. For such purposes, ideally use special branded kiosks, or write on the big screens.



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